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  • One should distinguish knowing a self-evident proposition from knowing that that proposition is self-evident.

  • If Ed does run, so that the proposition is true, it is just a basic, brute fact that the proposition is true.

  • So if the past is now-necessary and the future is not, a proposition about the past cannot entail a proposition about the future.

  • The second exception is XMM, where the major is an absolute proposition and the conclusion, like the minor, is an M-proposition proposition (weaker than the major).

  • If a proposition p occurs within another proposition, as the argument of a function such as x is false, then the resulting proposition is of a higher order than p.

  • which can be read as “if something is true of a false proposition then if it true of a true proposition, it is true of any proposition” (C00 is a true proposition).

  • Scholastic authors often ascribed probability at the same time to a proposition and its negation or to a proposition and a counter-proposition which was logically incompatible with it.

  • Logical properties of a proposition are — according to a classical view — of a formal character, i.e., they are primarily properties of the form of a proposition rather than of the proposition itself.

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  • Lewis points out that in Russell and Whitehead’s Principia Mathematica we find two “startling theorems: (1) a false proposition implies any proposition, and (2) a true proposition is implied by any proposition” (1912: 522).

  • (The inference from (1) to (2) here requires two additional, and I hope obvious, assumptions: (1a) Knowing a proposition requires having the concepts necessary for thinking the proposition, and (1b) The concept of a BIV is one by which the known proposition is grasped.)

  • In fact: (1) although the mental proposition exists in the mind as in a subject, the real proposition is present in the mind only qua object of the act of understanding; (2) the real proposition provides the objective content which the other kinds of proposition aim to express; and (3) the mental proposition is the semantic link between the spoken and written propositions on the one hand, and the real proposition they refer to on the other.

  • One will gather what I mean by proposition as soon as I remark that I do not call a proposition in itself or an objective proposition that which the grammarians call a proposition, namely, the linguistic expression, but rather simply the meaning of this expression, which must be exactly one of the two, true or false; and that accordingly I attribute existence to the grasping of a proposition, to thought propositions as well as to the judgments made in the mind of a thinking being (existence, namely, in the mind of the one who thinks this proposition and who makes the judgment); but the mere proposition in itself (or the objective proposition) I count among the kinds of things that do not have any existence whatsoever, and never can attain existence.


  • noun communication

    - (logic) a statement that affirms or denies something and is either true or false

  • verb communication

    - suggest sex to

    Example: She was propositioned by a stranger at the party

  • noun communication

    - a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

  • noun communication

    - an offer for a private bargain (especially a request for sexual favors)

  • noun communication

    - the act of making a proposal

  • noun act

    - a task to be dealt with

    Example: securing adequate funding is a time-consuming proposition

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Use proposition in a sentence

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