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  • The most influential exponent of this approach for biographers was Erik Erikson, who propounded an eight-stage theory…

  • Jansenism also spread to Italy, where in 1786 the Synod of Pistoia, which was later condemned, propounded extreme Jansenist doctrines.

  • Icke, an author and public speaker in his own right, has long propounded a series of conspiracy theories in his work that many see as antisemitic.

  • The idea of a Pure Theory of Law was propounded by the formidable Austrian jurist and philosopher Hans Kelsen (1881–1973) (see the bibliographical note).

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  • Confucius was deeply concerned that the culture (wen) he cherished was not being transmitted and that the learning (xue) he propounded was not being taught.

  • Admitted to the University of Chicago Divinity School, he became intrigued by the scientific rationalism propounded by Henry Nelson Wieman, an influential liberal theologian there.

  • The thesis has frequently been propounded that there are different types of space: the space of physical forces, the vital space of organisms, and the space of historical events (N.3d).

  • The style of theatre that Piscator propounded, using montage and juxtaposition of short independent scenes to create dialectical and often contradictory effects, he called epic theatre.

  • From the anti-Hegelian side there was, above all, Die evangelische Geschichte (1838; “The History of the Gospels”), by Weisse, who, conceding to Strauss the necessity to rationalize the Gospel story, propounded a speculative interpretation of the Christ…

  • By this it is manifest, that not onely actions that have their beginning from Covetousness, Ambition, Lust, or other Appetites to the thing propounded; but also those that have their beginning from Aversion, or Feare of those consequences that follow the omission, are Voluntary Actions.

  • Whereas sociological functionalists posited the existence in a society of some religion or a substitute for it (Comte, incidentally, propounded a positivistic religion, somewhat in the spirit of the French Revolution), the Marxists implied the disappearance of religion in a classless society.

  • Maximalist accounts are often propounded by philosophers who want to explain meaning and mental content, but, since such accounts postulate so many properties, maximalists have the resources to also offer accounts of other things (e.g., phenomena in the foundations of mathematics), and many do.

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  • Unlike computers, satellites depend far more on mechanical systems than on digital ones—and they have thus benefited far less from the effects of the rule-of-thumb law about the inexorable shrinking of prices and increasing of capacity that was first propounded by Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, decades ago.

  • The “directly active perception” model, which was propounded by Chapa, brings revolutionary changes, first by introducing in the definition of reliable cognition the notion of “elimination of opposite superimpositions,” then by claiming that perception itself (not a subsequent conceptual cognition) performs such a function.

  • …between the soma and the germ cells was propounded by the 19th-century German biologist August Weismann in the “germ plasm” theory that emphasized the role of the immortal, heredity-carrying genes and chromosomes, which are transmitted through successive generations of each species and determine the character of each individual in the…

  • Arnauld Family, French family of the lesser nobility that came to Paris from Auvergne in the 16th century and is chiefly remembered for its close connection with Jansenism (a Roman Catholic movement that propounded heretical doctrines on the nature of free will and predestination) and with the Jansenist religious communities of Port-Royal de Paris and Port-Royal des Champs.

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