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  • Adverbs of quantification include “usually”, “generally”, “typically”, “always”, “sometimes”, and so on.

  • The main points of disagreement concerning the quantifier rules can be traced back to decisions about how to handle the domain of quantification.

  • Moreover, in order to simulate quantification over relations, we will need not just PFO but a theory more like monadic third-order logic (Sections 2.2 and 2.4).

  • Moreover, in constant domain models the semantics based on presentist quantification coincides with the semantics based on eternalist quantification.

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  • Indeed, substitutional quantification is often used to mimic quantification into predicate and sentence position of the kinds discussed later in this entry.

  • But, for most realists about possible worlds, quantification over maximal possibilities requires or is simply equivalent to quantification over possible worlds.

  • The entry on plural quantification discusses some reasons generally offered in favor of the irreducibility of plural quantification to singular quantification over sets.

  • In what follows, we highlight a distinction between the Frege-Russell analysis of quantification in terms of predication, on the one hand, and the link between quantification and existence, on the other.

  • involves irreducible non-substitutional quantification into sentence position… We should not even assume that all non-substitutional quantification is interpreted in terms of assignments of values to the variables.

  • Early work on substitutional quantification was developed in Marcus (1961) but it soon became the subject of debate in the next two decades as philosophers made use of substitutional quantification in ontology and the philosophy of language and mathematics.

  • On the domain restriction proposal, the first use of ‘the book’ cannot have the same domain of quantification as the second use, since that would put two books in the domain of quantification and it would mean that both descriptions in the sentence are incomplete.

  • This approach makes propositional logic a proper fragment of classical quantificational logic allowing one to subsume propositional quantification as a species of second-order quantification, i.e., quantification into the position of a 0-place predicate.

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  • They are departures from classical quantification logic because they reject some of classical axioms of quantification or because they question some aspect of the Tarskian model theory we have used to interpret the language of classical quantification logic.

  • So in order to analyze (16), we will need something like “super-plural” quantificationquantification that stands to ordinary plural quantification as ordinary plural quantification stands to singular — and corresponding non-distributive predication.

  • The axiomatization of classical quantification logic with identity that emerges from the substitution is discussed by Lambert (1963) with a different motivation in mind: Lambert wanted to allow for alternatives to the classical theory of quantification and identity that remain “free” from any assumptions concerning the existence of denotations for its singular terms and predicates.

  • While Prior (1971) and Grover (1972), for example, take propositional quantification to be importantly different from objectual and substitutional quantification, Richard (1996) suggests that propositional quantification should at the end of the day be treated as a species of objectual quantification, e.g., objectual quantification over propositions.


  • noun cognition

    - a limitation imposed on the variables of a proposition (as by the quantifiers `some' or `all' or `no')

  • noun act

    - the act of discovering or expressing the quantity of something

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