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And they could have major ramifications for threatened species protection.
But you are asking whether someone needs to know that there are ramifications.
Such presuppositions have important ramifications in Xunzi’s theories of naming and reference.
When it's all said and done, the financial ramifications of this global health crisis will likely spare few.
One of the ramifications in this case stemmed from the implications of ethnicity.
“My identity and the symbolic ramifications of my elections, that doesn’t come up” in conversations with voters, she said.
Widespread, long-term unemployment could have significant ramifications for communities, according to economist Pavlina Tcherneva.
Carl Leonard, a principal analyst at Forcepoint, said: “We will continue to see massive attacks with economic, employee and public safety ramifications.
Naturally, there are considerable ethical ramifications, and nobody wants to start a baby farm where placentas are manufactured and women are treated like chattel.
Louis, told Insider that the first step owners should take when considering moving their company remote is having a conversation with their workers' compensation carrier to explore the potential ramifications.
Debbie Stabenow said she remained concerned about "what Trump did and the legal ramifications of it" in connection with the January 6 riot but appreciated that the administration faced other pressing challenges.
Film starring Ralph Fiennes offers first-hand account of Britain’s role in unseating the democratically elected prime minister, a move that still has ramifications for Iran’s view of the UK and US to this day, as diplomatic editor Kim Sengupta explains
On Finance, the Observer’s Phillip Inman looks at the ramifications of Trump’s metal tariffs, as a retaliatory global trade war seems likely, and Larry Elliott recalls history’s other great protectionists, from English kings to American revolutionaries.
It's a time of radical transformation in the advertising industry, which has been accelerated by the coronavirus, with employees working from home, marketers pulling ads and tweaking campaigns, and media buyers scrambling to manage the business ramifications.
A devout Catholic, law professor and mother-of seven has emerged as the conservatives favourite as Donald Trump prepares to name a new Supreme Court Justice - an appointment that could have huge ramifications on many of the nation’s most controversial issues.
The statement continued: "Many Commonwealth member states are facing unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 global health emergency and its economic and social ramifications, combined with the coming hurricane season and the long-term threat of climate change.
While the quality of content is being accepted by audiences for now, the pivot is coming with a wave of business ramifications taking place behind-the-scenes, including the layoffs or furloughing of production workers and legal disputes over contractual obligations.
Tackling systemic racism is fundamental to achieving environmental and climate justice, according to leading activists, as Covid-19 disparities and the global uprising against police brutality lay bare the ramifications of racial inequalities in every sphere of life.
It is impossible to see now the full economic ramifications of the spying disclosures — in part because most companies are locked in multiyear contracts — but the pieces are beginning to add up as businesses question the trustworthiness of American technology products.
“That’s not necessarily dangerous, but until you get the new administration’s team in place, you miss the policy oversight that can sometimes help field commanders — who are appropriately focused on operations — think through the political and strategic ramifications of their actions.”














































































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Had you not been surrounded by other friends, I might have been tempted to introduce a subject, to ask questions, to speak more openly than might have been strictly correct.
In years past the decision would have been clear: She would not have been considered a candidate for relocation and release and would have been humanely euthanized.
About $186 million of the proceeds will be used to finance a portion of the acquisition, $353 million will be used to finance the cost of completing and opening the Taj Mahal and $109.
A spokeswoman for UK Finance , which represents banks and the finance industry, said: “The banking and finance industry can play a central role in delivering a post-Covid economic recovery that is aligned not only to the government’s net-zero target but also to be approached in a fair, just and inclusive way.
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