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Can that be relevant to matching?
The minister has to be relevant to the answer.
Researchers can choose which PLOS journal is most relevant to their research.
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So in weakly mixing systems events in the past can remain relevant to the future.
But such predictions are only indirectly relevant to judgements of permissibility.
More specifically, it states that quiddities are relevant to phenomenal consciousness.
If they’re relevant to the president’s official conduct, the public is entitled to know what’s going on.
While the passage is not intended as a metaphor, it's nevertheless a fantastic one, and very relevant to Amazon.
Ebejer and Morden (1988) claim that salespeople should disclose all information that is “relevantto a buyer’s purchase.
More specialized bibliographies relevant to particular topics and individuals may be found in other articles in this Encyclopedia.
We will not ask you to enter, and you are instructed not to enter, data about students that is not relevant to this legitimate educational purpose.
The set-theoretic paradoxes are relevant to the foundations of mathematics, and the epistemic paradoxes are relevant to epistemology.
It is one thing to ask whether C is causally relevant to E in some way; it is another to ask in which way C is causally relevant to E.
She added: “In the weeks ahead we will be in continued discussions with West Mercia Police with a view to identifying cases that may be relevant to the police investigation.
The intentional properties of her belief are relevant to the effect qua (broad) behavior; the physical properties are relevant to the effect qua (narrow) bodily motion.
Relevant to determining whether the antecedent of Sosa’s conditional is satisfied are the methodological concerns about survey methods noted above and their ability to support claims of intuition disagreement.
Thus, the findings about intentional action judgments might be relevant to philosophical work about intentional action, those about happiness judgments might be relevant to philosophical work about happiness, and so forth.
It’s important to see that on a multi-dimensional view whereby the various dependence relations relevant to fundamentality might even run in different directions, one must be very careful indeed to specify which relativized notion of fundamentality one has in mind.
For instance, it predicts that just as the threads that constitute a cloth are causally relevant to the production of the cloth, so also is the color of those threads causally relevant to the production of the cloth, when it intuitively isn’t.
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