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  • Nussbaum), libertarians (such as Tibor R.

  • Some, such as Thomas Alva Edison, were self-educated.

  • The knight said such-and-such; then the peasant said such-and-such; then his wife said such-and-such.

  • Yes, there have been those who have worn the crown, or tawdry, fragmented versions of it, since but none with such style, such guile, such skill and such charisma.

  • Philosophers such as Francis Bacon and scientists such as William Gilbert belonged to this period.

  • Playwrights such as John Osborne wrote with anger about problems such as poverty in British society after World War II.

  • The main focus of objection to Austin here isn’t the claim that “I know that such-and-such” can, on occasion, serve distinctive performative functions.

  • Metallic superoxides, such as potassium superoxide, KO2, contain the O2- ion, whereas metallic peroxides, such as barium peroxide, BaO2, contain the O22- ion.

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  • Such presentations are reinforcements, such lights are (discriminative) stimuli, such lever pressings are responses, and such trials or associations are learning histories.

  • Normal ways of producing such a cloud — such as collisions between asteroids in a belt, or a crash between two bigger objects — wouldn’t give enough materials to cover up the star in such a way.

  • But to consider the thing in itself, if so many with so many voices, shall make such and such a sound, or shall have such and such an opinion concerning thee, what is it to thee?

  • Companies such as the insurance company Zurich, the energy company EDP, Leroy Merlin, the financial entity WiZink and educational institutions such as IE and CEF, or soccer clubs such as Benfica in Portugal are among its client portfolio.

  • There was such deep remorse in his eye, such true pity in his tone, such manly energy in his manner; and besides, there was such unchanged love in his whole look and mien—I forgave him all: yet not in words, not outwardly; only at my heart’s core.

  • … (such as rights of way), profits (such as the right to take minerals or timber), real covenants (such as a promise to pay a homeowners’ association fee), and equitable servitudes (such as a promise to use the property for residential purposes only).

  • All her life, she had encountered and combatted sex discrimination; all her life, she had been hailed as the first woman to integrate such-and-such a venue, hold such-and-such a role, achieve such-and-such a distinction.

  • Thus, p is obligatory iff it holds in all the i-acceptable worlds, permissible iff it holds in some such world, impermissible iff it holds in no such world, omissible iff its negation holds in some such world, and optional iff p holds in some such world, and so does ~p.

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  • Among the families characteristic of this realm are mammals such as Talpidae (moles), Castoridae (beavers), Ochotonidae (pikas); amphibians such as three families of salamanders, Salamandridae, Cryptobranchidae, and Proteidae; and invertebrates such as the freshwater crayfish family Astacidae.

  • Upon the receipt of any such notice from the BBC, You shall cease using such Content or applicable part thereof in any way, and shall return such Content or applicable part thereof to the BBC at Your expense or destroy such Content or applicable part thereof, as may be required by such notice.

  • Causation, according to various contemporary philosophers, is required for the analysis of metaphysical concepts such as persistence, scientific concepts such as explanation and disposition, epistemic concepts such as perception and warrant, ethical concepts such as action and responsibility, mental concepts such as functional role and conceptual content, and linguistic concepts such as reference.

  • The edible portion may be a root, such as rutabaga, beet, carrot, and sweet potato; a tuber or storage stem, such as potato and taro; the stem, as in asparagus and kohlrabi; a bud, such as brussels sprouts; a bulb, such as onion and garlic; a petiole or leafstalk, such as celery and rhubarb; a leaf, such as cabbage, lettuce, parsley, spinach, and chive; an immature flower, such as cauliflower, broccoli, and artichoke; a seed, such as pea and lima bean; the immature fruit, such as eggplant, cucumber, and sweet corn (maize); or the mature fruit, such as tomato and pepper.


  • adj all

    - of so extreme a degree or extent; demonstrative, other pronoun; demonstrative determiner, kind

    Example: such weeping

  • adv all

    - to so extreme a degree

    Example: he is such a baby

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