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  • These yield a syllogism in Barbara, the conclusion of which contradicts the O-form premise of the syllogism to be reduced.

  • Albert (Logica, I, 4, 2, 278) speaks with respect to the dialectical syllogism about premises which are always or most often (in pluribus) true.

  • Any argument that fits this pattern is a valid syllogism and, in fact, a syllogism in the form known as Barbara (on this terminology, see below Syllogisms).

  • Williams argues that the proportional syllogism is a non-deductive logical syllogism, which effectively interpolates between the syllogism for entailment

  • A reductio is a compound syllogism (qiyās murakkab)—i.e., a concatenation of syllogisms—consisting of a connective hypothetical syllogism and of a repetitive syllogism.

  • By allowing different binary relations in the two premises of a syllogism, he was led to introduce the composition of the two binary relations to express the conclusion of the syllogism.

  • In the Book of Animals, Avempace does not insist on the syllogism as the tool with which sciences are built but he points to the elements, principles or problems, employed in the propositions that can be part of any syllogism.

  • The Posterior Analytics presents the demonstrative syllogism, made of necessary matter; the Topics the dialectical syllogism of probable matter; and the Sophistical Refutations deals with sophistical matter, i.e., fallacious reasoning (DOS 503).

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  • Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics, Topics and Sophistical Refutations are said to deal with particular logic as much as they deal respectively with the demonstrative syllogism, the dialectical syllogism and the sophistical syllogism.

  • a syllogism is nothing other than a collection of a sum which is made from two propositions (through a common term which is called a middle term) conjoined to one another; and thus a syllogism is an addition of three names, just as a proposition is of two (Hobbes 1655, 4.6).

  • At Nağāt 91, i, Avicenna offers a straightforward example of a reductio proof of AaB in the categorical syllogism CaB; AaC ⊢ AaB, where (1) is the connective hypothetical syllogism (with a conditional minor) and (2) the repetitive syllogism (an instance of modus tollens):

  • Further discussion of syllogistic arguments include the (i) compound syllogism (qiyās murakkab), which involves multiple syllogisms such that the conclusion of a syllogism serves as a premise for the next syllogism, whether by an explicit concatenation (mawṣūl) or an implicit one (mufaṣṣal), as well as other forms that came to be discussed, in later Arabic logic, under the rubric of concomitants of the syllogism (lawāḥiq al-qiyās).


  • noun cognition

    - deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises

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