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  • Immanuel Kant’s Kritik der Urtheilskraft (1790; Critique of Judgment) dealt at length with teleology.

  • In fact, Aristotle offers two sorts of defenses of non-intentional teleology in nature, the first of which is replete with difficulty.

  • Those who held the former view recognized that some notion of function or teleology generally was uniquely suitable to biology and not eliminable from it.

  • The appearance of teleology is certainly present in Darwinian explanations, and has been since Darwin spoke of natural selection working solely for the good of each being.

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  • Despite apparently having made teleology conceptually unnecessary to biology, however, evolutionary theory did not result in the elimination of teleological language from the biological sciences.

  • aesthetics: aesthetic judgment | Kant, Immanuel | Kant, Immanuel: critique of metaphysics | Kant, Immanuel: philosophical development | Kant, Immanuel: philosophy of science | Kant, Immanuel: theory of judgment | teleology: teleological notions in biology

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  • For Kant's views about the teleology of nature as a whole, see Guyer (2001a and 2014) and Watkins (2014); the latter offers a very helpful discussion of Kant's justification for the extension of his views about teleology in individual organisms to nature as a whole.

  • A different kind of connection between Kant's natural teleology and his views about morality is suggested in Kain (2009), which interprets Kant's biological theories as supporting his view that all members of the human species (including infants and the severely disabled) have moral status.

  • In addition to the works mentioned above, Kant’s Antinomy of Teleological Judgment has been usefully discussed in Allison (1991), Cohen (2004), Ginsborg (2001), Kreines (2005), Steigerwald (2006), Zanetti (1993) and Zumbach (1984); see also the entry “Kant’s Aesthetics and Teleology” in this encyclopedia.

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  • Kant also discusses teleology in two essays about race, “Determination of the Concept of a Human Race” (1785) and “On the Use of Teleological Principles in Philosophy” (1788); both are included in Anthropology, History, and Education (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kant), edited by Gunter Zöller and Robert B.

  • adaptationism | biological individuals | biology: philosophy of | creationism | Darwinism | evolution | fitness | genetic drift | genetics: population | history, philosophy of | laws of nature | natural selection | natural selection: units and levels of | reduction, scientific: in biology | species | teleology: teleological notions in biology

  • . | aesthetics: German, in the 18th century | art, definition of | Gadamer, Hans-Georg: aesthetics | Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich | Herder, Johann Gottfried von | Kant, Immanuel: aesthetics and teleology | Nietzsche, Friedrich | Nietzsche, Friedrich: aesthetics | Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von | Schlegel, Friedrich | Schopenhauer, Arthur | Schopenhauer, Arthur: aesthetics

  • adaptationism | altruism: biological | biological individuals | biology: philosophy of | causation: probabilistic | Darwinism | evolution | game theory: evolutionary | genetics: evolutionary | genetics: molecular | genetics: population | molecular biology | natural selection | natural selection: units and levels of | teleology: teleological arguments for God’s existence | teleology: teleological notions in biology


  • noun cognition

    - (philosophy) a doctrine explaining phenomena by their ends or purposes

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