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  • The fact that you’re not allowed to publish that is not my choosing.

  • "He says that to everybody, and frankly I'm happy that he says that.

  • "We think that by far, the best thing that could happen is that that product makes its way to the food banks.

  • Suppose that John and Bill are the only relevant persons and that it is presupposed that somebody came to the party.

  • "That curve that I've referred to that goes up, we don't want to have that curve," Fauci said.

  • That does not mean that they should be deploying into the interior of the city, making arrests and things like that.

  • To say that he possibly has that property is just to say that he has that property at some possible world.

  • Officials who worked in that office said that the White House lost valuable time because that office was disbanded — what do you make of that?"

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  • Moreover, to say that the reason that explains an action is (the fact) that it was done for the reason that p enables Dancy to accommodate the view that explanations are factive.

  • The duty that is owed to the authority is grounded in the fact that the authority possesses a feature that gives it a right to command and that it is in virtue of that right that one owes obedience.

  • It means that you're there partially for that reason, you bring diverse views, but it also means that there's something else about you that makes you appropriately in that room to overcome that onlyness.

  • People don't know that there are jobs that are desirable, that there are jobs that have family-supporting wages, and that there are jobs that are stable," Carolyn Lee, executive director of The Manufacturing Institute, told Insider.

  • Questioned on that point by Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, Cambone said, “I don’t know that I was being told, and I don’t know that General Miller said that there should be that kind of activity that you are ascribing to his recommendation.”

  • We said that we would work night and day to try to get that Canada-style trade deal that we seek but if the European Union wouldn’t offer that, that we would still leave on time and we would do that under the terms of the existing Withdrawal Agreement that we’ve got.

  • “So much so,” Harris told the Washington Post in February 2019, “that when I first ran for office that was one of the things that I struggled with, which is that you are forced through that process to define yourself in a way that you fit neatly into the compartment that other people have created.”

  • We do We do so Each of us say our names I say mine of Greg That one is Larry  That one is Vince So is that one And that one And that one This one is Greg like me As is that one That one, Greg also So is that one Greg, near the front Here is Conor Seven Conors in all Eight Williams All happy Except Jer.

that sentence examples

  • literally do not see trees that are used as hedgerows or living fence poles; trees that provide materials for basketry, dyes, medicines, or decorations; trees that provide sites for honey barrels; trees that provide fodder; trees that have religious significance; trees that provide shade; or trees that provide human food.

  • Get out of my business with that nightmare you call music, with your tears and pleading, the whining of excuses—oh, sorry, that is your music, that crybaby boohoo-ery, that blurt, that diminuendo, that waaah, that large-ass mess, that chicken pot pie all pocked with freezer burn, that coyote hung from a fencepost as a trophy and a caution.

  • "It’s not that I am naive enough to believe that one man (who is, of course, powerless without the people that support him) can fundamentally alter the nature of British politics, or that I think that if Labour wins that the UK will suddenly reflect his personal political convictions, or even that I believe that the prime minister actually runs the country," he wrote.

  • for that bosom, for that white, for that crimson, for that tongue, for that tooth, for that lip, for that hair, that dress, that mantle, that glove, that slipper, that high heel, that avarice, that giggle, that scorn, that empty window, that eclipse of the sun, that throbbing, that disgust, that stench, that sepulcher, that cesspit, that menstruation, that carrion, that malaria, that uttermost insult and lapse of nature?


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