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  • In the New Testament the Christian is depicted as the person who is filled with the powers of the Holy Spirit.

  • The largest are the Tobol, the Iset, the Tura, the Tavda, the Severnaya (Northern) Sosva, and the Lyapin.

  • Among the tributaries of the Essequibo, the Potaro, the Mazaruni, and the Cuyuni drain the northwest, and the Rupununi drains the southern savanna.

  • The medial segment of the limb typically contains two bones: the radius and the ulna in the forelimb and the tibia and the fibula in the hind limb.

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  • The Ganges and its main tributaries—the Yamuna, the Ramganga, the Gomati, the Ghaghara, and the Gandak rivers—are fed by the perpetual snows of the Himalayas.

  • The femur is the thighbone, the patella forms the kneecap, and the tibia and fibula are the bones of the lower leg, with the tibia being the shinbone.

  • Plots varied, but the principal players were Toby the Dog, the Baby, the Doctor, the Negro Servant, the Beadle, the Clown, the Hangman, the Ghost of Judy, Mr.

  • The hypothalamus is also the centre for organizing the activity of the two parts of the autonomic system, the parasympathetic and the sympathetic (see above The autonomic system).

  • The idea of the preexistent divine Logos became the concept of the preexistence of the church, which included the view that the world was created for the sake of the church.

  • Among the numerous tribal peoples of the period were the Naga, the Bodo (including the Kachari and the Koch), the Ahom, the Santhal (or Santal), the Munda, and the Khond—all of whom lived in the northeast.

  • The structural components of the egg include the shell and shell membranes (10 percent); the albumen or white (60 percent), including the thick albumen, the outer thin albumen, the inner thin albumen, and the chalazae; and the yolk (30 percent).

  • The largest features of the Brazilian landscape are the Guiana Highlands, the Atlantic coastal lowlands, the Amazon River floodplain (including the valleys of its tributaries), the variegated Brazilian Highlands, and the wetlands called the Pantanal.

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  • Below the confluence with the Narew, where the lower reach of the river starts, the Vistula turns first to the west and then, after receiving the Bzura, a left-bank tributary, in a northwesterly direction; meanwhile from the right, the Skrwa and Drwęca join the river.

  • Branches in the orbit are (1) the lacrimal nerve, serving the lacrimal gland, part of the upper eyelid, and the conjunctiva, (2) the nasociliary nerve, serving the mucosal lining of part of the nasal cavity, the tentorium cerebelli and some of the dura mater of the anterior cranial fossa, and skin on the dorsum and tip of the nose, and (3) the frontal nerve, serving the skin on the upper eyelid, the forehead, and the scalp above the eyes up to the vertex of the head.

  • The Canterbury Tales consists of the General Prologue, The Knight’s Tale, The Miller’s Tale, The Reeve’s Tale, The Cook’s Tale, The Man of Law’s Tale, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, The Friar’s Tale, The Summoner’s Tale, The Clerk’s Tale, The Merchant’s Tale, The Squire’s Tale, The Franklin’s Tale, The Second Nun’s Tale, The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale, The Physician’s Tale, The Pardoner’s Tale, The Shipman’s Tale, The Prioress’s Tale, The Tale of Sir Thopas, The Tale of Melibeus (in prose), The Monk’s Tale, The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, The Manciple’s Tale, and The Parson’s Tale (in prose), and ends with “Chaucer’s Retraction.”

  • The pulse is readily distinguished at the following locations: (1) at the point in the wrist where the radial artery approaches the surface; (2) at the side of the lower jaw where the external maxillary (facial) artery crosses it; (3) at the temple above and to the outer side of the eye, where the temporal artery is near the surface; (4) on the side of the neck, from the carotid artery; (5) on the inner side of the biceps, from the brachial artery; (6) in the groin, from the femoral artery; (7) behind the knee, from the popliteal artery; (8) on the upper side of the foot, from the dorsalis pedis artery.


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